HONGYANGWOOL, as an efficient energy saving material, has become the mainstream of the development of refractory and thermal insulation materials.

In order to meet the needs of different application fields, the variety of ceramic fiber products is constantly increasing and the product functions are continuously refined.

On the basis of amorphous products such as ceramic fiber cotton, blankets, felt, plates, modules, etc., amorphous products such as ceramic fiber spray coatings, castings, and further processing products such as ceramic fiber textiles and ceramic fiber paper have also been developed.


With the continuous deepening of people's understanding of ceramic fiber products, the application scope of ceramic fiber products has also been widening, and it has expanded from the original petrochemical, metallurgical, and electric power fields to various related industries.

Hongyang will use advanced ceramic fiber insulation technology and rich design and construction experience to provide customers with complete technical advice, furnace lining insulation design, engineering construction and quality after-sales service.


1HONGYANGWOOL has low thermal conductivity and small thermal capacity, and has excellent thermal stability and tensile strength.
It is widely used in Wall lining insulation of high-temperature response equipment and heating equipment in the petroleum and chemical industries. In particular, it has been widely used in the ethylene cracking furnace in the petrochemical industry. From 1994 to the present, a total of 51 ethylene cracking furnaces have been newly built and rebuilt in China. Hongyang Company has undertaken 47 of these supply construction tasks and has received major petrochemical companies. Widespread trust and praise.
2HONGYANGWOOL does not contain carcinogens and is an ideal insulation material for replacing rock and cotton products.
It is widely used in generator boiler bodies and various high-pressure, medium-pressure steam pipelines.
3HONGYANGWOOL with its excellent thermal insulation
It has been widely used in various heating and heating devices such as step furnace, cover furnace, roll bottom furnace, trolley furnace, annealing furnace, push steel continuous heating furnace, ring furnace, blast furnace, and electric furnace in the metallurgical industry.
4HONGYANGWOOL are widely used in...
HONGYANGWOOL are widely used in ceramics, machinery, aerospace, automobiles, household appliances, building fire prevention, casting, and building materials, in addition to petrochemical, metallurgical, and power industries.