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HYWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a new type of Refractory Insulation material. It is also known as Alumina Silicate Fiber because one of their main components is alumina, which is the main component of porcelain.

HYWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blanket is made of spun aluminum silicate fiber by double-sided needle punching process. After the double-sided needle punching process, the Ceramic Fiber Blanket has excellent delamination resistance, tensile strength and the surface smoothness.

HYWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blanket do not contain any binders to ensure the maintain stability under higher or lower temperature conditions.

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HYWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blanket through ISO9001 quality system certification, product quality and stability.

HYWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blanket is applied to Industrial Furnace Insulation, Pipe Insulation, Insulation Equipment, Metallurgical Chemical Insulation.

Technical characteristics:

Low thermal conductivity

Low thermal capacity

Excellent thermal stability

Excellent thermal shock resistance

Excellent tensile strength of heat insulation, fire resistance, sound absorption

Typical Application:

Boiler insulations

High temperature gaskets and seals

Pipe and duct insulation

Furnace lines in steel,ceramic,petrochemical industry

Fire protection

Technical data
Types 1140 common 1260 STD 1260 HP 1400 HAZ 1430 HZ
Operation Temp(℃) 950℃ 1000℃ 1100℃ 1200℃ 1350℃
Density(kg/m3) 80,96,128,140
Tensile Strength(Mpa) (Thickness 25mm) ≥0.04 ≥0.04 ≥0.04 ≥0.04 ≥0.04
Shrinkage on Heating(%) 950℃x24h≤-3 1000℃x24h≤-3 1100℃x24h≤-3 1200℃x24h≤-3 1350℃x24h≤-3
Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Density (kg/m3)
80 96 128 140
14640 610
14640 12.5
7320 20
7320 25
4880 38
3660 50

Other size can be customized according the demond of customer.