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Ceramic Fiber Paper

HYWOOL Ceramic Fiber Paper is a lightweight refractory material, processed from a blend of Ceramic Fiber Bulk into a excellent flexible and uniform sheets, and service temperature is up to 1430℃。

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HYWOOL Ceramic Fiber Paper is easy to be handled and cut, its flexibility allows it to be wrapped or rolled,to fit most complex configurations.

HYWOOL Ceramic Fiber Paper is completely free of asbestos.

Technical characteristics:

Low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity.

Excellent thermal electrical insulation.

Easy to be cut,wrapped or formed

Excellent broken resistance

Excellent flexibility

Good flame resistance

Typical Application:

Industrial insulating,sealing and protecting materials

Asbestos paper replacement

Hot top lining

Insulating materials for motor industry

Investment cast mold warp insulation

Sealing gasket for molten metal

Technical data
Types 1260 ST 1260 HP 1400 HAZ 1430 HZ
Code HYPA-1000 HYPA-1100 HYPA-1200 HYPA-1350
Working Tem(℃) 1050 1100 1200 1350
Colour white
Organism composition(%) 6-8
Rate of thermal
Density 200kg/m³
Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Density(kg/m3)
120000 610or1220 0.5 200
60000 1
30000 2
20000 3
15000 4
12000 5
10000 6
10000 8
10000 10

Other size can be customized according the demond of customer.