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Ceramic Fiber Rope

HYWOOL Ceramic fiber textile include cloth,rope,yarn and so on,which have been specially processed by ceramic fibers, with fiberglass and steel wire.

HYWOOL Ceramic fiber textile are noted for excellent insulation ability to 1260℃.

This series of products have excellent resistance to thermal shock ,corrosive attack and breakdown for the mechanical vibration and stress.

Description HONGYANGWOOL ST Rope
Code HYRO-1000
Specification Tem(℃) 1260
Working Tem(℃) 1050
Colour white
Density(kg/m3) 500-600
Ignition loss (%) 17
Tensile strength(KGF/MM) 2.8
Renforced material SS Wire

Product Series:

  1. 1260 Ceramic Fiber Yarn
  2. 1260 Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope
  3. 1260 Ceramic Fiber Square Braided Rope
  4. 1260 Ceramic Fiber Round Braided Rope
  5. 1260 Ceramic Fiber Tape
  6. 1260 Ceramic Fiber Cloth


  1. Low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity.
  2. Fast and easy installation.
  3. Excellent thermal shock resistance capability.

Type Application:

  1. Seals for doors of industrial furnace.
  2. The protection of high-temperature.
  3. The protection of cable,fuel tubes.
  4. Insulation of high – temperature tube,containers,etc.
  5. Fireproof twine,wrap,cover,etc.